Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Which Superhero Are You?

Okay, it's time for a little bit of silly fun tonight.

I don't go much for personality quizzes, but when my brother sent me this, I couldn't resist! I'm a geek at heart, and I have always loved superheroes!

I'm posting my results and a link to the quiz at the very bottom of this page.

Just for fun, I think you should take it! Post a comment or sign the guestbook and let me know your results!

FYI, the brother who sent this to me is Superman. His twin brother is Robin. My other brother has yet to take it, but I predict he'll be The Flash.


Theresa said...


Thanks for the quiz, Pam..:) Follow this link for the answer to which superhero I am!

Elizabeth said...

I don't see the link to the quiz. I'd love to see which I am :)