Monday, July 21, 2008

I Have A Guestbook!

I'm going to be brief tonight...I'm tired and feeling a bit worn out. But the OCD in me won't allow me to skip a day on the blog. I'm convinced that I must/can/will post at least a little something on a daily basis.

Today's post will be nothing more than a shameless plug. I now have a guestbook on my blog, and I would like to invite my visitors to drop a little note and say 'hello' if you feel comfortable doing so. I know it can be a pain to leave "comments" because you have to set up an account, etc. The guestbook is much more user friendly.

Please feel free to sign my cool new awesome guestbook. C'mon...I even found a nifty one that lets you insert cute little smileys. The link is at the top of the column immediately to the left of this post.

C'mon. Do it.

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