Monday, November 17, 2008


As my friend, Brooke, pointed out to me today, an update is way overdue here. I have several unfinished posts saved in my Blogger file, but I simply haven't felt motivated to finish them. For the past month or so, I have been feeling rather overwhelmed and paralyzed by my stress regarding my application for NYU's School of Social Work. The possibility of either decision has created such emotional turmoil for me. If I am rejected, then I'm overwhelmed because I'm thinking "What in the hell am I going to do!? This is it! This is my grand plan! What if they tell me 'no'?"

And then if I am accepted into the program that begins in January, I have a whole new batch of things to be stressed about: I'll have eight weeks to work my 30-day notice at work, give a 30-day notice to my landlord, get registered for classes, find my immunization records, pack up my apartment, find a new place to live, move to NY in the middle of winter (dealing with snow and frigid temperatures), tell my family and friends good-bye fight after Christmas, and hope to secure a school loan when the banks are crapping out. I've been losing sleep over this. I've had a difficult time focusing on other projects (my blog, reading my book, learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone, cleaning my apartment, etc) because I haven't known for what I'm preparing. In short, I've been in limbo.

So I guess this would be the time to say that I found out on Friday that I GOT INTO NYU!!

And now I'm mostly stress-free because I have a beautiful happy medium! I am going to NYU, but I have been accepted to the program that starts in September 2009 rather than January. Now I have eight months to prepare for this colossal move. I now have plenty of time to plan, say my good-byes, and save more money---the more money I save, the less money I have to borrow. I'll be moving to New York City in August. I can't believe I'm saying that. I have wanted to be in New York City since I visited for the first time at the age of 18 (best weekend of my life, by the way). To think that I'm going to earn my MSW with the resources of New York City at my very fingertips simply blows me away. What a brilliant opportunity this is. I don't think I've ever been this excited about anything in my life.

Let's see...what else? Oh yes! Friends, I would like for you to meet Isabel. many cats does it take before one is officially labeled a "crazy cat lady"?

Yet another kitten (another tuxedo kitty) has shown up at Chez Pam. I swear, folks, I don't go looking for them or chasing them. They come to me as if someone has given them my name and address.

A few weeks ago, I was getting home after work. I opened my car door and placed my left foot on the ground as I leaned over to gather my belongings from the passenger's seat. I heard a soft high-pitched "mew". My ears perked up, and I listened....there it went again---"mew". I looked down, and there is this tiny black and white kitten standing next to my foot and staring up at me (much like she is in the above photo). Again, she pleadingly said "mew" as she placed her paw on the top of my shoe. Well of course I'm going to pick her up and take her in; who didn't already see that one coming? She practically dove into my neck, snuggling and nestling there, and she purred like a lawn mower.

As with Milo, I started out insisting that I could not keep her, and I fervently looked for another home. I e-mailed friends and I contacted rescues. My friends at work were checking with their families and friends.

Long story short---she's staying. Sigh.

I took her to the vet, and she is definitely a female. She weighs 4 pounds, and it is estimated that she's 4 months old. I'm happy to report that she's negative for FIV, leukemia, and worms. She received her rabies shot, as well as her first FIV vaccine. In a couple of weeks, she'll go back for her leukemia vaccine, as well as her 2nd FIV booster.

She's made herself right at home. As a matter of fact, I think she has the nerve to try to establish herself as the alpha kitty in a home containing three males---a geriatric, a young adult, and a pre-teen. Jasper (the young adult) sneaked up behind her as she was eating and harmlessly began to sniff her. She whirled around, hissing and growling, and he immediately backed down. She turned back around and resumed eating. "You go, girl!" I thought to myself. In spite of her feistiness (some would call it brattiness), the boys have made her feel at home. Gus tolerates her (which is pretty high praise coming from Gus). She and Milo have become fast friends, and they wrestle, stalk, and chase each other. Jasper gets in on the action, too. I'm going to have to give my downstairs neighbors a little extra something at Christmas for being so kind and patient; I have no doubt that they can hear every kitty footstep, especially when they're dashing around at midnight.

I took a great trip to Charleston SC a couple of weeks ago. I'll write about that in my next post.

And that is what's going on with me. I'm thinking I'll probably start a new blog once I get to NYC. It'll be about the move, adjusting, living in NYC, and being a grad student at the age of 42.

I'll let you know when that one's up an running.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Barack Obama!

Praise the Lord and Pass the Mylanta

Against my better judgement, I'm glued to the TV watching election coverage on CNN. I swore that I wouldn't do this. I'm very nervous and excited about this election; as a result, I'm experiencing some----er, gastrointestinal distress.

I called Mom because I just knew she was doing the same...and she was.

It's way too early to call as of now (8:11 EST), but it's looking good for Obama right now.

But I think we all know that anything can happen. I'm prepared to celebrate, but I'm also preparing to concede.

Monday, November 3, 2008

All I Want for Election Day is... wake up on Wednesday morning and to know definitively who my new President is. I do not want recounts. I do not want to hear about malfunctioning voting machines. I do not want to hear unsubstantiated claims of a "stolen" election---and if there is a claim, then it sure as Hell had better be strongly substantiated. I can't take another Day After Election Day like the past two.

I want to wake up on Wednesday and either 1) Celebrate Obama's election or 2) Accept McCain's election and start moving towards a point in which I can support him.

I want to be rid of the horribly absurd mudslinging political ads. I'm over it. I'm done.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The John McCain I Used To Know and Like

Up until about a year ago, John McCain was a man that I liked and would have gladly accepted as President. At one point, I even said that I would vote for him some day if he were to run for office. But McCain has morphed into someone that I neither like nor respect since he received the nomination for the Republican party.

I caught a glimpse of the old John McCain on SNL last night, and it was really good to see him.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This Just Makes Me Laugh...

Attention, All Electioneers: You're Not the Boss of Me!

I always dread navigating the flocks of electioneers who rush me as I'm approaching the voting place. Previously, I've always politely smiled and accepted the flyers and cards being shoved into my hand and then thrown them away after I got inside.

As I pulled into a parking space today, I saw the lot of them sitting around in their chairs, talking amongst themselves. I exited my car, and they all poked their heads up like lions who have spotted an antelope. I felt myself becoming increasingly irritated as I saw them moving towards me in a big clump; this time, I smiled and said "Thank you, everyone, but I'm already decided...your cards and flyers won't change a thing", and I placed my hands behind my back. I think I offended them, which truly was not my intention...I just wanted them to understand that their stacks of propaganda will have no bearing on my vote--I'm not so easily swayed.

As they walked away from me, they still shouted out their candidates' names and urged me to vote for them. Ah, well. At least I didn't have to find a trash can once I got inside.

Does anyone else feel irritated by the electioneers, or am I just a brat who doesn't like being told what to do?