Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mamma Mia! The Movie

I don't usually gush about movies. I love to watch movies (and I watch a LOT of them now, thanks to Netflix), but there are few that leave me gushing. "Mamma Mia!" is one about which I simply must gush.

I knew that I would enjoy it, because I enjoyed the musical. Also, I love ABBA's music! That's right--I said it. I love ABBA. However, when I planned to go see it with Mom on Saturday night, I had no idea that it would leave me feeling happy, giddy, and loving Meryl Streep even more than I already did.

Admit it. ABBA's music is fun and infectious. The actors interacted with each other playfully and looked like they were having pure unadulterated FUN dancing to and singing "Dancing Queen", "Mamma Mia", "Waterloo", and the rest of ABBA's iconic songs from the 70's. I found that to be incredibly endearing, especially regarding Meryl Streep. In addition to marveling at her acting skills, I have always admired her on a personal level. In spite of her success and status as one of the greatest actors of our time, she never takes herself too seriously or considers herself to be above accepting a minor role ( check out the Farrelly brothers' "Stuck On You"...she's not even credited!). She is as talented a comedic actress as she is a dramatic one. Her comedic delivery in "Mamma Mia!" is spot on. And she's just so cute, which might be an odd adjective with which to describe a 59-year-old woman, but it happens to be accurate here; she is girlish and youthful, but not in a contrived or put-on way. Another thing I like about her is that she allows herself to age gracefully. Yes, you can tell that she's not a thirty-something or even a forty-something woman anymore...but her natural beauty is far more beautiful than any "work" I've ever seen on any number of the synthetic-looking faces in Hollywood. And who knew that she could dance and sing!?!?

The dance numbers were fun and uplifting, especially the "Dancing Queen" number. The women and girls of the Greek village were dancing and skipping through the streets (led by Meryl's character, Donna, and her two best friends) singing at the tops of their lungs as they reminded themselves and each other that their free spirits still exist in spite of sometimes feeling covered up by life's responsibilities and burdens. I felt my heart swelling as I watched, and I wanted to watch that scene over and over again.

And you simply must love a movie in which Pierce Brosnan wears a polyester funky disco suit (think Earth Wind & Fire) as he dances to and sings "Waterloo". (HINT: Do NOT get up and leave when the credits start to roll. Stay and keep watching until the screen goes black)

I was actually tempted to suggest to Mom that we buy another ticket and watch the next show. I don't buy many DVDs, either...but "Mamma Mia!" is on my list.

I thought it was a beautiful, sweet, adorable, and fun movie, and I'm already eager to see it again.


Edward said...

Thank-you very much for the review.

I like all music and I have zero reservations to say that ABBA is 'mazing! I was floored when I heard they were going to do a movie version...would the movie version do it justice...? What about the singing? Can these actors carry a tune? Ahem La la la squawk!!!

But it makes sense money wise as it has been so successful as a play! I do want to see if the actors and actresses can pull it off.

Just so you know I ain't pulling your leg...I saw Mammia Mia as a play in Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas back in '06. After the show, I immediately bought the CD. Good thing the VLTs were paying out...ouchies on the cost of the CD...but what do they say...Money money money...must be funny? In a rich man's world!

As I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel (hey only "cool" music here...snobs!), and the room was equipped with a CD player, I played this CD over and over whenever I was in the taking a rest...and an amazing thing happened. The CD player did not melt and explode neither did I get kicked out of the hotel! In fact, women found me even hotter ...more than they usually do! So we are talking major heat.

Voulez Vous? AH HA! Thank-you ABBA!!!

So this is...Knowing me! Knowing You! and saying thanks again for blogging about Mamma Mia.

Can't wait to see the Movie Version! Unfortunately, Yankees baseball is taking up all my time but I put this down as a "To Do" during vacation time!

I vote that the best comment (or even the first) gets free tickets to the about???

Edward said...

...and just a further note...

with all the things to do in Vegas...seeing that Mamma Mia play was definitely a major high lite...with all the things that happened...and this includes Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soliel and having an amazing run at the craps tables (with my NY Yankees 50 cent chain around my neck no less..."Hey Madalion...roll another 5...YES!!!")...

so go see the Movie already!!!!

Pam said...

Edward! Thank you so much for coming by and taking the time to leave a comment.

To answer your question about the actors carrying a tune, let me say that I was surprised at how well they could carry a tune! Pierce Brosnan doesn't have a GREAT voice, but I thought he sounded good and did a terrific job. I've always thought Meryl Streep had a nice voice.

While none of them had spectacular voices (in my humble opinion), I thought they more than made up for the lack of professional-sounding voices with their enthusiasm and playfulness.

Go see it, Eduardo! And then come back and let us know what you think :)