Friday, July 25, 2008

Update on the Stray Kitten, a.k.a. Milo

Yes, he's still here. But I do have a potential home for him...I'll find out for sure this weekend.

I've started calling him Milo, because he needs a name. I feel bad calling him "the stray" or "that kitten". I've let him stay inside, by the way. I heard him outside last night, meowing and pacing as if he were looking for something or someone. He sounded so lonely and/or scared, I just could not make him stay outside.

Old man Gus seems rather irritated, but I think whippersnapper Jasper is happy to have someone to play with. He and Milo have been stalking and chasing each other.

If this prospective home doesn't work out, then I'll check in with my vet on Monday. He's a great little kitty...whoever gets him is going to be very lucky. He's an affectionate lap kitten. I bought a little collar with a jingle bell for him so that he looks extra handsome. Right now, he's driving himself crazy trying to determine the origin of the jingle bell sound.

I think he misses his mother, so it makes me wonder if perhaps he was separated from her too soon. He likes to curl up on my chest and sleep. Sometimes, as he sleeps, he sucks on my shirt.

I'll keep posting updates until I've found a good home for him.

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