Saturday, August 16, 2008

Touching Base

There's nothing much going on here this weekend (nothing interesting, anyway), so I thought I would just give some general updates on life and what not.

I'm still anti-nesting. Today was spent removing pictures and decorations from the walls. I placed some of those things in the "Yard Sale" box while the others went into one of my "To Take With Me" boxes. I washed some of the walls, and I filled the nail holes with spackle. I love spacklin'. I bought some really nifty spackle at Walmart. It's bubble gum pink when you fill the nail hole, but it turns white when it's dry. Hence you know for sure when it is fully dry.

My application package for NYU is almost complete. I have my reference letters, my transcripts, my resume, and the application itself ready to go. All I have to do now is to complete my "Statement of Purpose". This is an essay that I am required to write as part of the application process. There are five questions I am expected to address: 1. How did you become interested in social work? What personal, academic, organizational, volunteer, and/or paid experiences have influenced your choice of social work as a profession? 2. What are your reasons for seeking graduate school education at this time? What are your expectations of graduate school education? 3. Describe some personal and intellectual attributes that you believe make you particularly suited for the profession of social work. What attribute would you most like to strengthen or change in order to increase your ability to be helpful to others? 4. Briefly discuss a current social issue of great concern or interest to you. 5. What are your career interests and goals? As a graduate of the School of Social Work at New York University, how do you expect to contribute to the social work profession?

Simple, huh? I have already started on it, and I've written some preliminary responses for each question. I just need to expand on them and clean it up a little. I intend to mail it by the first of September. The deadline isn't until November 7, but I'm hoping that I will get an early response if I get my application early, especially since I'm sniffing around for scholarships and such. Plus, if I have to pick up and move to New York City, I'd rather have several months notice rather than several weeks.

I've added a new gadget, as you may have noticed. I found it on Wil Wheaton's blog, and I clicked the link to Last.Fm's website. I have it linked with the iTunes player on my computer, and it lists what I'm currently listening to. There are several other lists available that I could list here if I so choose. I can list the artists and the tracks that I listen to most frequently, as well as what I'm purchasing. The list showing now is pretty eclectic, but that's only because my musical interests vary. I'm currently listening to my "Favorites" playlist. It consists of a real hodge podge of different genres of music from various eras.

My new itty bitty kitty is doing great and thriving here! Milo and Jasper are becoming buddies and playmates. Gus hasn't hissed at him in days! They can actually walk past each other, tap noses, and Gus doesn't hiss or get bent out of shape. I think Gus and Jasper are bonding with Milo whether they want to admit it or not.

I'm watching the Olympics now and eagerly awaiting to see Michael Phelps win (hopefully) his 8th gold medal!

I think I've covered all the highlights from here. Stay tuned.

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Brooke said...

That music thing is cool! You so nerdy (in the best way).