Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 3 in New York - Part 1: Hanging Out in Lower Manhattan

Our subway station

I was awoken early on Monday morning by a recorded message on my cell phone telling me that my tour of Ground Zero in lower Manhattan had been cancelled. Sigh. I got out of bed so that I could wish Brooke a good day (and good luck---today's the day she tells her boss that she's resigning). After she left, I settled in front of the TV and thought about what I was going to do with my morning. I took a short nap and watched a little bit of trash TV, including one of Maury Povich's infamous "Who Da Baby Daddy?" episodes. I decided that I would head to lower Manhattan anyway and visit Battery Park, which is one of my favorite places to hang out. It's on the very southern tip of Manhattan, and it overlooks New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

I ate a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast. (Sidenote: Before Brooke left for work, she pulled all of her boxes of cereal from the top shelf and placed them on the counter for me because she knew I was too short to reach them This struck me as both funny and sweet.) I showered, got dressed, and packed my messenger bag with everything I'd need that day, as well as that evening at the U.S. Open.

I walked to the subway stop (which is about 2 blocks from the apartment), and caught the "N" train into Manhattan. I got off at 42nd St & Times Square and transferred to the "1" train, which takes you all the way to Battery Park. Incidentally, the subway train runs above the ground while you're in Queens (would you call it the supraway?). I prefer that because I like to watch the scenery.

The view from the subway platform in Queens

As I said, Battery Park overlooks New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

Lady Liberty as seen from the shore

The World War 2 Memorial is also there, and I like to linger there a bit and read the names on the walls.

The World War 2 Memorial

"1941***1945 Erected by the United States of America in proud and grateful remembrance of her sons who gave their lives in her service and who sleep in the American coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. INTO THEY HANDS O LORD"

Each of the walls contains names of men who died in WW2. They are categorized by their service branches.

I bought a hot sausage, cheese pretzel, and a bottle of water from a street vendor for lunch. While I ate, I watched a quartet of street acrobats who put on quite a show! Not only were they talented, they were personable and funny...their act was very entertaining!

I love the architecture of lower Manhattan. Older buildings are nestled in with the more contemporary and sleeker skyscrapers. I walked around and took photographs of what I thought were the most interesting buildings and combinations of buildings.

This is the Bowling Green subway station where you can catch the "4" and "5" trains. I love this little building!

While I was strolling around, I stumbled across the National Museum of the American Indian. I was bowled over even before I went in...the exterior of the museum is breathtaking!

The main entrance to the National Museum of the American Indian

I love museums, so I decided to enter and look around. Visitors have to go through security---it was almost like being at an airport! I had to walk through a metal detector after I laid my messenger bag on a conveyor belt that carried it through an x-ray machine. I think the most beautiful part of the interior of the museum was the rotunda! The ceiling was covered in panels of painting and drawings. I took photographs, but they hardly serve any justice. It is truly one of those experiences for which you must be present in order to appreciate the full effect of walking into this room.

After I finished at the museum, I caught the "4" train (at the cute little Bowling Green subway station I showed you) and headed uptown to meet Brooke outside of her office building so that we could head up to Flushing for Opening Night at the U.S. Open Tennis Champions tournament.

More to come!

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So Blessed said...

Pam I am really enjoying reading up on your exciting and fun-filled trip. You are such a wonderful writer...matter of fact, I think you should just write your very own book! I can't wait to read about the U.S. Open. Love ya! Jenni