Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Sure Sign of Aging

As I sit here and listen to one of my favorite 80's songs being bastardized in a Yaz birth control commercial, it occurs to me that I'm officially at that age where songs from my youth are heard more frequently as commercial jingles than on the radio.

Recently, I was playing music on my iPod at work. We were listening to my painstakingly compiled 80's playlist, and "Melt With You" began to play. One of my twentysomething co-workers piped up "That's the Taco bell song!" I quickly corrected her--"No, it's not the Taco Bell song! It's the Modern English song from 1982." She smiled and shrugged, saying "I wasn't born until 1981. I didn't even know it was a real song."


For those of you who think it's the Taco Bell song, I give you the complete performance and video for one of the best love songs---ever. And don't ever call it the "Taco Bell song" in my presence, for I fear my head would explode.

Oh. And by the way. For all you whippersnappers out there, it's not the "Yaz birth control song" either. That gem, "Goodbye to You" was originally done by Scandal, also in 1982.


Brooke said...

You mean Jason Mraz didn't originate it? :P

Pam said...

Et tu, Brookus?