Friday, August 8, 2008

A Random Rant---Literally!

It's been a few days, and I apologize. My muse has been M.I.A., but I think she's back. There is nothing quite like a pet peeve to get her singing again.

Petty as it may seem, it drives me crazy when a person uses the word "literally" incorrectly. "She's literally driving me up a wall!" or "I was so scared, I literally jumped out of my skin!" You get the point.

I was just watching a news story on TV about astronomical gasoline prices. The reporter was interviewing a woman while she was pumping gas into her car. She railed "We're literally being raped at the gas pump!"


Lady, I don't know where you're going to buy gas, but I wouldn't go back if I were you.


Theresa said...

I totally agree! My pet peeve is the misuse of the word "impacted" as in "the price of gas has really impacted our wallets". Ouch!

Elizabeth said...

OMG - I got a serious laugh out of this one. I'm sure now that this has been pointed out to me, it'll really get on my nerves to hear the word used improperly. Thanks, cuz, now I have something else to drive me crazy! lol j/k