Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Ordinarily, I'm not one to announce my own birthday. Modesty prevents me from doing so. But hell, it's been such a good day that I thought I'd write about it.

A friend of mine made turning 41 sound soooo cool. He wrote: "Born in the summer of love and two years to the day before Jimi Hendrix woke everybody up on a Monday morning at Woodstock with the national anthem." Pretty good, huh?

My mother took me to dinner (Thank you, Mom!), and I was able to speak to each of my three brothers on the phone. My three wonderful sisters-in-law sent cards, phone calls, and text messages. My friends who live far away have inundated me with phone calls, text messages, and online greeting cards. Heck, on a Dixie Chicks fan message board, there's an entire thread devoted to wishing me a happy birthday.

I received a snail mail card from my brother, Stephen, and his wonderful wife, Joy. Stephen wrote inside "I hope on your birthday you will be reminded of what a special and caring person you are and how much you mean to every person lucky enough to know you." That made me feel a little weepy, but it really got me to thinking. Originally, I didn't expect too much out of today. I was content to stay home, packing and cleaning. But Stephen is right. It is a day to stop and reflect on all of the people in this world who love me and whom I also love. I have the most wonderful family I can ever imagine. My Mom is great, and my each of my three wonderful brothers married women who are like sisters to me. I have extraordinarily supportive friends who offer unconditional love.

Here's to another year of love from family and friends.

I am truly blessed.


So Blessed said...

Happy happy birthday to you! Happy happy birthday to you! Jesus loves you, happy happy birthday to you! Pam you know I don't think I've ever told you this but I would have never guessed you were 41. When talking to you at work, I always just assume you are my age and not a day older. You look young, have a young personality, and you spend your life making others smile. I am sorry I was unable to make it to your lunch today as we are still in that "saving mode for baby" and not eating out in order to save. That doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of you though. I wish you a belated birthday but a very blessed one. I am so glad to know you and be your friend. I love you and God bless you!!!

Brooke said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to you indeed! We ARE lucky to know you, those of us who do. :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy LATE birthday...I am terrible at remembering dates. I had to go get a copy of my wedding certificate, which I lost (or can't actually remember ever, and had to ask Matt what date our wedding was on so I could get it!!! LOL So happy birthday to you :D Love, Elizabeth