Sunday, November 2, 2008

The John McCain I Used To Know and Like

Up until about a year ago, John McCain was a man that I liked and would have gladly accepted as President. At one point, I even said that I would vote for him some day if he were to run for office. But McCain has morphed into someone that I neither like nor respect since he received the nomination for the Republican party.

I caught a glimpse of the old John McCain on SNL last night, and it was really good to see him.


Brooke said...

I ordered you a Palin in Twenty-Twelve t-shirt, just so you know. Christmas is coming early for you, Pamburger! But you raise a good point: what DID happen to John McCain?

Pam said...

I don't know, Brooktini. Somewhere along the way, he turned into a politician. Sigh.

Thanks for the Palin t-shirt...I'll think of you everytime I dust the furniture with it.

bf2f said...

what are your thoughts on Palin ..nevermind.Ijust read ALL of your response and I agree with ur assessment(s)
listen to her getting pranked it's kinda scary