Saturday, November 1, 2008

Attention, All Electioneers: You're Not the Boss of Me!

I always dread navigating the flocks of electioneers who rush me as I'm approaching the voting place. Previously, I've always politely smiled and accepted the flyers and cards being shoved into my hand and then thrown them away after I got inside.

As I pulled into a parking space today, I saw the lot of them sitting around in their chairs, talking amongst themselves. I exited my car, and they all poked their heads up like lions who have spotted an antelope. I felt myself becoming increasingly irritated as I saw them moving towards me in a big clump; this time, I smiled and said "Thank you, everyone, but I'm already decided...your cards and flyers won't change a thing", and I placed my hands behind my back. I think I offended them, which truly was not my intention...I just wanted them to understand that their stacks of propaganda will have no bearing on my vote--I'm not so easily swayed.

As they walked away from me, they still shouted out their candidates' names and urged me to vote for them. Ah, well. At least I didn't have to find a trash can once I got inside.

Does anyone else feel irritated by the electioneers, or am I just a brat who doesn't like being told what to do?


bf2f said...

OMG,they can do that in NC?
They have to stay x # of feet from polling places

Pam said...

In NC, electioneers are required to remain 50 feet away from the voting place, and the boundary is clearly marked with signs. Boy, when you're outside of the 50 foot range, you are fair game!